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An Error Has Occurred Recompressing The Video



An error has occurred recompressing the video


I keep getting the above mentioned error message every time I try to burn a movie that I have on my HD, from its source from a VIDEO_TS.


BTW, I have over 58G of free space on my HD.


What could the problem be? and how can I fix it?



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I don't know what the problem is. It is essential that the source VIDEO_TS folder (or DL DVD disc) is not missing any content that originally was there. Also, if the source was created with iDVD or some other creator that used PCM audio there can be a problem where the audio takes up so much space that there isn't enough room on a single-layer disc for the compressed video. Something to try is to choose Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button. If that results in a disc image that is small enough for a single-layer disc, then burn that using the Image File setting in the Copy window.

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