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I recently recorded (audio) a jam session of a group of musicians and musician wanabees. I transferred and saved about 40 clips (files) to my computer. Now with Sound Editor I'm cleaning up those clips that are worth saving and plan to burn CDs for the guys. After saving my project I selected the BURN AUDIO CD and then, USE CLIPS FROM PROJECT and then selected BURN. The CD burned ok and it can be played back on another CD player. Success. However, there was no (or minimal) audio separation from track to track on the CD. As soon as one track finished, the next started almost instantly. The question: how do I add a delay of several seconds between tracks, as you would find on a commercial CD?

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If you save the clips, then load them into Music disc creator you can add a gap between them.

Alternatively, in Sound Editor, you can insert a silence of the required duration at the beginning (or end) of each clip:

Highlight the clip yopu want so it shows in the timeline, ensure you're set at the start of that clip, then Tools menu, insert silence, set it to the duration you want.

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