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Running Out Of Space


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I've been using Easy CD & DVD creator 6.0 for a while. I'm running out of hard drive space on my computer. My captured files go into a separate external hard drive so that can't be the cause of it. I'm running Windows XP, Intel Pentium Dell computer that I bought 2 years ago.


I notice everytime I burn a DVD, the hard drive become fuller and fuller. I can't find any files in the computer that could take up that much space on a 40 gigs hard drive. (almost 35 gigs) I have no other files in this computer other than roxio application. I don't upload photos or any video files into my hard drive so I'm puzzled.


Are there any temp files being saved on my hard drive © somewhere? If so, how do I find them (file names, extension etc) and delete them?


Thank you.



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Hello Rajan,


If you're making DVDs with DVD Builder you can find where the cached files are stored by going to the top toolbar and clicking Files > Preferences. You should have already been here since you have specified a different place to store your captured video.


Below the captured video setting is a folder for temporary files. By default this is

C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Roxio\PMStudio\PMStudioTmp unless you've altered it. [username is the name of your account on your computer]


The suite uses a number of different temporary files, but the more common ones are .tmp; .enc; .bup; .ifo; perhaps .vob or even .iso if you've been saving them. Temporary files should be deleted automatically, but in any event is should be safe to delete anything in the folder listed above. As in hunting, identify your target before you delete it.


If you've been using Disc Copier you'll find its cache settings in an 'options' dropdown on copier.

The default cache is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp




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