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Volume Too Low!



I'm using the latest version of Popcorn 3 with the current version of MacTheRipper to create H.264 files from DVDs that I purchased for playback on my iPod Touch. I use the default settings in Popcorn for "iPod".


Unfortunately, the audio volume of the resulting files when played back on my iPod Touch is REALLY LOW. I use good quality noise-cancelling headphones (Sennheiser), but on a flight this week I could literally not hear 50% of the dialogue. Even with the headset pressed against my ears to block out extraneous noise, and with the iPod volume to the max it was impossible to even follow the plot. This was the case with all of the 3-4 movies I tried to watch. Ended up just deleting them!


Is there any way in Popcorn to boost the default volume level as movies are being converted to H.264?


For comparison, H.264 files created by Elgato EyeTV (recorded from TV on my Mac) are loud and clear. I set my iPod's volume to about 60% of the maximum and it is 100% audible. Normal audio (MP3, etc.) playback just find on the iPod touch so I'm confident that the iPod is functioning normally.


Can anyone suggest a solution?







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There's no audio level adjustment with Popcorn. The only thing that can be done about audio is when you click the options button and choose custom. There you can select the audio track you want Popcorn to access when there are multiple audio tracks available. You might try experimenting with that.

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