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Burning Video Dvds In The Uk For The Usa



I'm in the UK, using Toast 6 Titanium on a G5 to burn video DVDs for viewing on American DVD players. However, they are not recognised by those players (the people have tried various machines), so are returned to me.


I convert the video files from PAL to NTSC format using recognised conversion software, so Toast happily burns them to NTSC DVDs, so what else should I check when producing these disks? Am I doing something wrong?

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In the Advanced tab:





Video Quality: High

Auto-Play Items ON

Add Original Photos OFF

Add Data Content ON

Create DVD Menu OFF


I also always use the Verify Data and Buffer Underrun Prevention options.

Audio Write Mode is DAO.


Maybe I should add that my own DVD recorder/player can show the DVDs on my TV, but only after changing the format from PAL to Auto Detect (or something to that effect), so obviously they have 'burned' OK.

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