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Runtime Error Out Of The Blue!



:unsure: This just started happening when trying to start a new production in Videowave (existing ones OK), or adding a file to an existing video:


Runtime Error!


Program: C:\program Files\Roxio\videoUI10\VieoWave.exe


abnormal program termination

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Unfortunately, this didn't work; I tried it last night and again this am. :blink:


I have a question, though, if the solution is a "clean install" where you do all of those deletes, and then re-install:


My computer came w/ Roxio 9 installed, and I upgraded to 10. Do I also have to un-install all of v9 as well, or just 10?


Also, if anyone has any other solutions, I'd love to hear them!





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I hadn't thought of that -- I will try it when I get home and let you know.


The crazy thing is that the last VW productions I've made can play fine -- they are still on the drop-down menu when VW opens.


Its when I try and add a movie or create a new one that I get the Runtime Error.

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