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Contents Of Video_ts Folfer Cannot Be Compressed

Popcorn 3 sux




Can anyone help me make this software work?

I "ripper" a dvd and try to compress it to fit on 1 DVD.

I have a new macbook with intel chip

lastest version of Popcorn 3.


Everytime I try and compress a video_ts folder I get these 2 messages.


Please help. God knows I can't get any help from Roxio. I hope they choke on my money.



Slightly bitter customer

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Curious why I would have to do a full disk when given the options to extract just the main feature.


I was hoping to avoid the fat and just get the movie. Perhaps Roxio should tell customers that not all feature work with Popcorn.

After adding the VIDEO_TS you can click the options button to select only those parts of the source that you want on your burned DVD.

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