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Ezcdc 5 Not Recognizing Pioneer Dvd Burner


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B r e n d o n :rolleyes:


Sorry to bother you with another "new drive" issue, but seeing that you've been able to help so many others...

Just got a new Pioneer burner to replace a failed unit.

I get the fabled "no supported dvd recorders..." message.


It shows as: [1:1] Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-115D 1.18


I just need to back up some video files to free HD space, but plan to update software soon to take full advantage of the drive.




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Hi, only recognized models up to the DVR-107D and 108, but since the both of those used the same parameters we might have a chance at recognition if you steal the entry for the DVR-107D.


(1) Make sure your Easy CD Creator is updated to, and the Drive-Up patch 535v.

(2) run the registry editor, regedit.exe

(3) search (ctrl-F) for device543. You should find it is the entry for the DVR-107D, and it should look like this

PIONEER DVD-RW**DVR-107D,PIONEER,DVD-RW**DVR-107D,DVD-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9

[note, the asterisks in that entry are actually spaces, but the Invision board software won't let me show double spaces]

(4) double-click device543 and that entry will show highlighted in an edit box.

(5) carefully edit the entry to change the 107 to 115 in the two places where it occurs

(6) click the OK button to complete the edit, and then exit from regedit.


That should get CD Creator and the other applications which use this dentry to look happily at your new drive. It doesn't change Direct CD, which uses a different system altogether.


Please confirm if it worked.





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Hello Playfair,


You seem to have overshot in your search. The key you want is

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adaptec\Adaptec Shared\CDEngine\Devices

but you've shot past it to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM.


You can navigate your registry in Regedit as if it was a file system in Windows Explorer. If you have the big update and the small DriveUp patch applied as I said, you should find the device543 you need just back up a little from where your screen clip shows, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software.


Alternately, do your search for device543 from the start of the registry and press F3 [search again] until you come to the right key.

Alternately, search for DVR-107D which should also bring you to the right key.







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Well, it would seem that after 5 years or so of loading and removing who knows what, my registry is a mess.

I never could find the items you specified, but didn't give it a large amount of time.

It was much easier to just order new Roxio software, which will do DL and all the modern stuff!


Thanks for your help, I'm sure it would have helped given a higher energy level :)



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