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Tivo Transfer Stops After 14k



Ok, I just bought a Tivo HD. I have a Mac (OS X 10.5.2) and I want to be able to get shows off of it. So I bought Popcorn 3 (3.02 to be exact).


I installed it. Started up Tivo Transfer and entered my MAK. I can see my Tivo and all of the available files. When I click "Start Transfer" it does. When I go to the "Active Transfers" tab, I can see the file is in the download list. But it says "14k of 444Mb - Estimating Time" and then never continues. It just stays at 14k. If I delete it and start over, same problem. Different files, same problem.


I'm about to ask Roxio for a refund unless someone has some idea what might be wrong.









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I had a similar problem and finally found this solution posted after looking at a lot of forums - basically download manually:



...enter https://yourtivoipnumber and get the login

- at the login prompt your user name is tivo and the password is your media access key.

- this will allow you to download programs from safari.


you'll need to make sure transfers are enabled from the manage my account on the tivo website as well.



Once you download, I just moved the downloaded ".tivo" program to the Tivo Transfer download folder I specified in that program, then relaunched Tivo Transfer. It saw the program as if it had downloaded it. Then I was able to "Toast it" to burn to DVD or export to iPod.



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