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Bluray On Dvd



Hi from Italy!

I've purchased Toast 9 with BR plug in.

I've some questions about hd content on DVD.


1) I've tryed to burn a BDMV folder on DVD standard. My PS3 doesn't see the dvd as BR disk but as data disk , so player for BR doesn't run. If I open the disk I can find the folder BDMV so i can open the file but in this say I loose the menu. PS3 is able to read BR on DVD like a true BR disk ?


2) I've exported from Final Cut Pro 6 a movie in QT reference file (HDV format). I've readed that Toast 9 support HDV format. After I choose BluRay and in the option If I leave AUTOMATIC the program say that there is a problem with video source. So I've to select "personalized" so I can choose MPEG2..if I leave AVC format I obtain same error. With MPEG 2 the program works but in this way Toast reencode the movie ? HDV is mpeg 2 (or not?) and I'd want that Toast leave the file in mpeg2 native format to don't degrade quality with other steps!

Anyway I've tryed to burn a DVD with BDMV created starting from HDV content with encoding in MPEG2 at 25 mbit bitrate, but the disk has seen from PlayStation 3 as data disk. If I opne the file in BDMV folder it runs but sometimes it's choppy and there are some artifacts.

Conclusions: starting from HVD footage what's the best way to burn BR with Toast ? Which parameters ? Why with AVD encode I obtain error about source ? Why PS3 don't open the dvd like a BR Disk ?

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Same problem .


I burned a blu ray movie (avchd file .mts) to a standard dvd-r and the PS3 sees it as a " data disc " so it does not play like a movie.


What am I doing wrong ?


My Sony VRD5 can make these discs with no problem.... I was hoping to use Toast to do the same..... the documentation really does not explain how to make a avchd movie onto dvd-r for blu ray playback.





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