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Joining Hd Wmf Files



Newbie here! I have several HD 1440 x 1080 files that I wish to join together to make one movie. I have tried various options in VideoWave but the result always 'stretches' the screen top-to-bottom and so looks awfull! How do I join these files so that the original aspect is maintained? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Ron


OOPS! Should have typed wmv files ..... sorry!

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Hi again .....


Yes they are downloaded files. I've now downloaded one of the Microsoft HD movies 1440 x 1080 and the problem still exists! I'm baffled! Have even uninstalled and reinstalled EMC 10!


What is even more puzzling is that I have also installed EMC 10 on an old PC and it opens the files OK, but the PC is too slow to use for editing, etc. :mellow:


Think I'll just have a beer!






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