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Does Not See A Blank 80 Min Cd-r




I am running windows Vista home premium, so purchased ECD Creator V9, as I used to have version 5, well its far from Easy !! I have burnt 1 Music CD and now it does not see my blank 80 min CD`s, same CD`s that I used in version 5 , at this rate I think it will be Nero ;-) !!. I reduced the amount of tracks to burn, even down to one, but it still does not see them. they are CD-R`s 80Minute 700MB in size .. I am stumped... any kind person got any ideas pretty please.. Ok I sorted this problem with a re-install, so burnt 20 odd CD`s no problem even after windows updating to SP1 , so reading the update to V9.1 and following the instructions by John at Roxio in checking my version I updated , so today I try to burn , this time Easy CD creator V9.1 refused all my empty CD`s as used !! reverted back to V 9 and all is well again, methinks V9.1 has issues with Vista and SP1 ... :angry:


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