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Toast 9 Limits Tivotogo-apple Tv Output Resolution?



Toast 9 Titanium doesn't seem to be able to convert a TiVoToGo file for Apple TV (or for any MPEG-4/H.264 device) at resolutions greater than 480x360. In Toast 8 Titanium, there was a similar restriction, but also a workaround:




defaults write com.roxio.Toast "tivo export mode" -integer 1


in Terminal. After that, higher export resolutions and extra formats became available in Toast 8. But in Toast 9, entering that line in Terminal does not seem to enable extra resolutions or file formats for TiVo files. There seems to be a rule imposed by the TiVo people themselves that Roxio TiVoToGo exports must be resolution-limited. The above was a workaround in Toast 8. It looks as if Roxio plugged that hole in Toast 9.


Does anyone know how to get Toast 9 TiVo exports (now called "conversions") to give better than 480-pixel resolution?


Does anyone have any nice words for Roxio over having successfully plugged the hole? <_<

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I have figured out a way around Roxio's limitations,however it does require a little more work. First step is to download an applescript file called TivoDecoder at http://inik.net/system/files/TiVo_Decoder.zip. Then take the transferred .tivo file and drop it onto the apple script applet. In my experiences it takes about two minutes to convert. After the file is 'degunked' then you can use toast to convert it in what ever resolution you want.

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