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Playing Dual Layer Discs Dl



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Anyone had trouble playing DVD+R DL discs on a regular DVD player?


They seem to burn just fine, but then my DVD player wont recognize them (insert disc). My Mac will play them OK.


Does your DVD player support +R DL discs.

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If your DVD burner does not set the book type of the disc to DVD-ROM, then it will most likely not play, especially in older players. What burner do you have? If you get info on the disc in Toast, it should tell you the book type. If it is DVD+R DL, that could be your problem

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My burner is NEC 3450A and it supports DL discs. The discs are DVD+R DL. Do they make any other?


The DVD player I have is a Sony circa 2003. Will it say in the manual if it supports DL discs?


Thanks for the replies.


DVD-ROM: read only, manufactured by a press

DVD-R: recordable once

DVD-RW: rewritable

DVD-RAM: random-access rewritable

DVD+R: recordable once

DVD+RW: rewritable

DVD-R DL: dual-layer record once

DVD+R DL: double-layer record once

DVD-RW DL: dual-layer rewritable

DVD+RW DL: double-layer rewritable (note: contrary to established usage, the DVD+RW Alliance chose to use "double" instead of "dual" to refer to layers instead of sides)


The manual should say what types of discs it supports.

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A 2003 DVD Player will only play a DVD+R DL if the book type is set correctly. NEC drives don't set the book type to DVD-ROM out of the box, unless you got it from LaCie. You can get a firmware that will do bit setting that will solve the problem.


But, get info on the DVD you burned in Toast Get Info and see what the book type says.

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