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Avchd And Toast9



I have been playing around with avchd (.mts) files from my Sony CX7 and am pleasantly surprised to see that the conversion software seems to work nicely! The only way before Toast9 to get from .mts to mp4 was to suck the file in via imovie and pull the .mov file and go from there... so nice to see Toast recognizing .mts and making something happen from it (hd plugin need obviously)...


Also nice to see the Elgato video player can actually PLAY a raw .mts file ! Very NICE ! Sadly however there seems to be no editing available .... setting mark points does not really do anything.. I was hoping it would allow some cut and paste but they are greyed out... so I guess it can only play these file not actually do anything to them.... bummer...


Still cannot make a avchd video to a dvd-r .... for blu ray:PS3 sees it as a data disc not a movie.... for HD-DVD: Xbox 360 hd-drive just plays a black screen at me... BUT my Toshiba HD-DVD a30 played the disc back as EXPECTED! so I really do not know what to make of this...


Anyone else have any AVCHD (.mts or m2ts) stories to share ???


While everything might not be perfect with Toast 9 I am very excited to see avchd files actually recognized by Toast9 and hopefully these things will get worked out...


If your using an avchd camera its still worth the upgrade because the conversion is sooo nice and the ability to actually play a mts file straight from the computer is such a welcomed sight! I have been asking Apple to give us Quicktime support for this and they seem not to care... This HD plugin at least shows me that avchd files can be used right at the computer level for simple playback and at least conversion... and hopefully burning to dvd-r blu ray much like the Sony vrd-mc5 can do will be fixed.

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HD DVD on DVD (3xDVD) and BD on DVD just don't work well. This is not Toast, but that players themselves just don't seem to support it. I've basically seen the same thing as you on the several players I've tried.


The Sony BDP-S300 will play BD on DVD well. It will also play DVD on BD which means you can huge discs with lots of video.

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