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Turbo And Toast ?





does Toast 9 recognize the Elgato Turbo automatically?

Because: I ran two tests yesterday and the results were the same.

I used a 2-min clip from a dvd and encoded it with and without the Turbo.

Both times the encoding took about 5 min so I noticed no difference whether the Turbo was plugged in or not.

Does anybody have similar (or better) results ?


The option "Use Turbo if available" was checked. I ran the test on a PowerBook G4, 1.67GHz.

(Usually when I use the Turbo and the Turbo app for encoding, the encoding is in approx. in realtime....)



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Ahhhhh - you are right. Thank you for your explanation.

Now it works but I have to use the standard settings.

I tried to change the bit rate to 400kbps (and resolution to 480x270) but the Turbo is not used then (although it is plugged in).

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Yes, I installed the Turbo.app and used it before getting "Toast 9".


Sorry for asking, but which window and which pulsating circles ? (The ones in the Turbo.app resp. do I have to open the Turbo.app when I encode with Toast ?) . I didn't notice any message and circles in Toast (but maybe it was too late yesterday for that :) ) Could you possibly post a screenshot? What are your performance gains (just curious)?


Thank you !!

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When you click the encode button a window appears showing the encoding progress bar. At the bottom of that window the Turbo is identified and the circles pulsate in size as the encoding progresses. If this is not happening then either Toast is not seeing your Turbo as connected or you have chosen an encoding option that isn't supported by the Turbo (or at least by the Turbo in Toast). The latter can be checked by choosing one of the presets such as AppleTV or iPod.

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