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Removing Or Replacing Movie Files



On iMovie, I edited together a movie, which I put into Toast 7 Titanium just to see how it would work. Before actually burning a DVD of it, I'd like to do some more editing. Trouble is, I can't seem to get the first one out of Toast! These instructions in Help don't work:


To remove files or folders from the Content Area:

1 Select the files or folders you want to remove.

To select all the files, choose Edit > Select All.

2 Remove the selected files or folders in any of these ways:

• Click Remove.

• Press Delete.

• Choose Edit > Clear.


No matter which way I select the folders, Clear is grayed-out and it won't let me hit the "Delete" button on my Mac.


If I just drop the newly edited folders (with the same old names) into Toast, will it replace the old version with the new one the way it does in iMovie? If I don't get an answer by the time I'm ready, I'll just try it and see what happens! :)


Thanks for any advice or help!

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I did quit and reopen, and every time I'd locate the files, it did the same thing. A problem not only because I don't want one finished and one nearly finished version of this project, but what if I don't want to keep every project in Toast forever after finishing it?

I'm a bit confused by your description. You mention folders but there should be no folders. There should be the movie(s) that you created in iMovie. They should appear with a thumbnail image on the left and three lines of text on the right. When you click on one it is highlighted and you can then click the delete button at the bottom of the window to remove it.


When you close Toast you are asked if you want to save the project. Most times the answer will be no because you've already burned that project to a disc (or saved as a disc image). If you do choose the save a Toast project you cannot move any of the files on your hard drive that you've included in that project. The files shown in the Toast window are just aliases that point to the actual locations of the original files.


If I'm off target with this reply please describe the process you are following so I can better understand why you're having this difficulty.

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The iMovie material appears as folders in one view, but in other views it appears as thumbnails. These can be moved around, like dragged to the content area, but no matter how selected or in what view, I see NO WAY TO JUST GET RID of the darn things! And Toast keeps tabs on EVERY media, in whatever form, which has been downloaded on my computer--and here's where I'm thinking I may be getting something seriously wrong about what I'm seeing.


I DID DELIBERATELY move my movie from iMovie to Toast, but I did NOTHING to move the music my niece downloaded from iTunes into Toast, yet it knows all about them too! Maybe I should try deleting the music from iTunes (if there's a way to do that--hollow laugh--) then--if it then disappears from Toast, that means Toast is reading whatever media data from its original application--but then what was the point of moving my iMovie files to Toast in the first place, if it already knows everything? :)


The manual tells all about adding and moving things around in Toast, but I don't see anything about removing things from it once they're in!


Updated to say: AHA! THE PLOT THICKENS! I didn't have the heart to actually throw my niece's music away, but I put it into a folder rather than the download area, and IT WORKED! It disappeared from Toast!


So does that mean when I update a project in iMovie, the project is updated in Toast? It's maddening because I don't see anything on the Toast movies like a date, which would tell whether it was the same version or not!

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I really wish I could see what you're seeing. Are you referring to files that appear in the Media Browser? That's the window on the left side of Toast that appears when you click the Media button. With it you can see what is in your iTunes, iPhoto and Movies folders, and see the content of any non-copy protected DVD you insert.


If it shows in the Media Browser then it isn't in Toast at all. That's just an easy way to find things on your hard drive which you may want to drag to Toast's Data, Audio or Video window.

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Okay, that's what I'm looking at. So if it isn't in Toast at all, I guess I read the instructions to see how to get it into Toast and KNOW it's in there...then come back here when I don't understand it? Because I thought I did something to save the project into Toast, but like I say, the movie I did something to is acting the same as the music I did nothing to, so.... :)


I mean, it's just as well, as I'm having problems getting iMovie to do again what I got it to do before, I'm just confused because I thought I did something in Toast which apparently isn't done....

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