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Hi Dave,


Hard to tell since you haven't said much about your system, your drive, or how you did the slow burn you complain about.


If you've just switched from V6, your system might not be very powerful, and when it's trying to run EMC10 it could be having difficulty keeping your burner supplied with data at the right rate.


If that is happening, you might be trying to burn too fast, and getting into a buffer underrun. Here the burner runs out of data and is forced to stop and wait while its buffer refills, then recover and start burning again until it runs empty once more. Your average burn speed is about 5x, which is very low. Does the light on the burner behave strangely as if stopping and starting?


You could try cutting the burn speed you're setting in half, so if you've been trying to burn at 48x or 40x, try burning at 20-24x speed. If it burns faster when a lower speed is set, then that's a pretty good indication of buffer underrun.


If none of this seems to reply, then please come back to us with more information about your system and what you're seeing when you burn.




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The reason for switching was a machine upgrade. Current Spec is:


AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual 4200+

Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2 mobo with Nvidia GeForce 7025 on board

2Gb 667FSB DDRII ram


2 x LG Sata DVDRW drives (which, interestingly, Device Manager reports as DVDRAM)



I think that may be powerful enough.


I did have trouble getting V10 to work but a reinstall seems to have cured that.


Not getting any error messages during copy/burn - just the timer showing 16 very long minutes


In V6 there was a facility for the prog to test the speed of the write devices which doesn't seem to exist in V10 - also V6's progress manitor was/is far better.


3 steps forward, 2 back?


David (not Dave please)

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Vista or XP?


I'd first check with the website of the computer/dvd manufacturer to see if there are any updates/firmware for those DVD drives. Frequently on new computers and drive, they discover problems after they've put the product on the market and issue updates to make the drives work better.

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