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Sound Is Not Capturing From Audio Tape



Hello people, long time. :)


I have a query on transferring my audio tapes to cd.


I am capturing the sound from the tape player using roxio 9.


The funny thing is i have not used this for months, it was working fine, so when i try to use this again as using the same procedure the sound is not capturing, i have checked possibly everything i.e if the sound volume is not on mute etc..



I can hear the audio tape via my TV as this is how i set the sound up before and captured the sound.


I am really baffled, because everything works fine.


Many Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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Not sure about going through the TV but to capture from an external source you would need to use the line in on your sound card connected to the device.Then in Easy Audio Capture you would choose Line In as Input and your Sound card as the Capture From setting.You could also use the LP and Tape Assistant for capturing the audio.It will give you some pictures to aid with the setup.

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