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Menu Thumbnails - Help!



I have complied a recording (Final Cut Express 4) for burning to DVD for viewing on the TV. I am using Toast, v8.x.


There are six separate clips (scenes), separated by Scrolling Text or a dissolve.


Once burnt to DVD and put into the TV, one is presented with a Menu of these six scenes which show various parts of the movie. That is to say, looking at the Menu there are six different clips of each train, and a thumbnail representing each of the sx. These thumbnails are apparently grabbed at random by Toast and could be the middle or end of each clip, or anywhere in-between. If one clip is of the middle of the scene, upon playback that is where it will begin...and not at the beginning where I need it to begin.


Is there a method within FCE 4.0 that will allow me to state where a clip should begin when burnt to DVD for playback on a TV?


This may be more suited for Roxio's forum, but I did want to check.


Thanks -




Note: on a sidenote, where on earth does one change an email address in the Forum? I've looked and looked....thanks.

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As I understand your post, you have one title on the video DVD and are using the option to show scene menus. The scene breaks are not where you want them to be.


Toast automatically places scene (or chapter) marks in time increments if those marks are not already imbedded in the movie. What you probably are seeing are scenes in five-minute intervals.


You'll need to place chapter markers in the Final Cut movie where you want the scene breaks to appear. See this document: http://www.fcpbook.com/Misc3.html


Select the video in the Toast window and click the Edit button. Make sure chapter markers are set to Automatic.


Choose Save as Disc Image, mount the disc image and preview it with DVD Player to see if the scenes appear at the correct point.

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