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Bad Sectors



Whenever Roxio Toast burns a data CD, it adds 2 bad sectors to it. The disc works, since the filesystem apparently doesn't reference data from the last 2 sectors. However, if the computer tries to read data from the sectors directly, it fails. The sectors are always identical except for the sector address. The sector mode is set to 1 for both sectors, so they should contain valid error detections fields. However, they don't, which makes the sectors unreadable. What are these two sectors for?

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cdrdao gives me the output

Found L-EC error at sector 964

I've tested it several different ways, and have a copy of the two bad sectors so I can view it in a hex editor. I have reserched the yellow book standard, and these sectors do not seem to follow it. We have looked at several discs burned with several different computers with various versions of toast.

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