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Encoding Problem

C Chris


I have a problem trying to copy and burn from VCR recorder/player to DVD using Plug & Burn Function of EMC V8 Deluxe Suite.


The program appears to copy video to disk but after clicking on the “Stop Capture” button “Click Finish menu displays. I next click the Finish button and the “Burn Project” window displays and starts the “Encoding” process. Then before the Encoding Process finishes, the program shuts down and sometimes the computer reboots and sometimes the program just closes.

I had recently went to your support page describing this problem and was directed to your Knowledgebase for a “C++ Runtime Error…” I followed the instructions, which did not fix the problem:

1. When going to the System Configuration Utility window Services tab to check the Roxio services, all were already checked.

2. I next checked Windows Media Player for the “Direct X Video Acceleration” and it was already unchecked.

3. I then created the “new user account” named Roxio as the administrator, and uninstalled EMC and reinstalled the program.

4. I did all the above about three times and in each case of trying to copy video from a VHS tape, the program quit during the “Encoding” process.



How can I correct this problem so that I can use your program?



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P&B was intended to work directly with camcorders and requires a compliant camcorder as well as a very robust PC to handle it…


If you have a VHS tape you don't have it on a camcorder!


How about just capturing the tape and burning it later in MyDVD? Does that work?


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