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Dell Dimension 9100, Sonic Copy Dvd Issues

Rich C


Here are my issues.


Been using Sonic for YEARS, and no real issues till recently. I have a Dell Dimension 9100 with two DVD drives from the factory, on R and one RW. Been making CDs and DVDs and copies with no issues. I do NOT try to copy the copy protected DVDs. That is NOT my issue.

Make a DVD of a TV show (NOT a movie)

Issue 1.

insert into the R, and a blank Sony-R in the RW, as always. The lower left screen shows it recogizes it is a DVD (4.3). I click on START, and it asks me to insert a blank CD. Sometimes it will lock up.

Issue 2.

The same scenario, but now my R drive is not recoginzed. Yet, when I inserted the DVD it automatically starts Media center, meaning that drive is working.

Now I cannot bring up Sonic without rebooting.


What is my issue? Is it Sonic/Roxio, is it Windows, or ?????? I don't think the software went bad.


Rich C

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