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Set Subtitles On And Off



Hi again.

I have authored a BD project with 1 main menu, 1 subtitles menu and 4 clips.

On the subtitles menu i have an option for subtitles ON and OFF.

I want to set the subs ON or OFF and return to the mainmenu from where i can play the clips.

I havent found a way to do that.

Can someone please help?


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don't think you can change audio or subtitle from a menu.


don't think it's a big issue either since all DVD or BD player's I have seen have a subtitle button and a audio button on them.



Well, i couldnt agree more with you. That way my life would be a lot easier, but the "correct" way to do things unfortunatelly is the hard way.

For most of us who are IN the tech, it would not be a problem, but for a common user, it would be a lot easier if he could visually select the subs & audio he like.

Otherwise all the commercial DVD's would not have such a selection menu.


Thanx anyway.

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