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Toast 8 App Opening From Toast 9 Extras Menu



Hey gang-


Just bought the upgrade to Toast 9, and so far so good. (In truth, I bought it mostly to fix the Tivo audio sync issue in Toast 8, but don't get me started...)


Anyhow, noticed one issue. From the Extras Menu in Toast 9, I launched Tivo Transfer. On a hunch, I then checked "About Tivo Transfer", and it was version 1.1.1. That sounded familiar, and sure enough, that's the version of Tivo Transfer that comes with Toast 8, NOT Toast 9. The version of Tivo Transfer with Toast 9 is 1.2.1. The current version of Tivo Transfer was indeed in my Toast 9 folder, but Toast 9 appeared not to know or care about that! ;)


So, I quit everything and Archived my entire Toast 8 folder for safe keeping. I then relaunched Toast 9 and chose Tivo Transfer from the Extras menu. Ouch- got a message that "Tivo Transfer can not be found". Ugghhh. So, then launched Tivo Transfer from the Finder. Appeared to work fine. Then quit it and tried again from Toast. This time it launched fine from the Extras menu and works fine ever since.






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