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Popcorn Wont Load After Install



I am on 10.5.2 PPC

I have popcorn 3 running perfect before I HAD to do an OS reinstall.

Now (after downloading & installing) the program won't launch.


Below is a link to exactly what happens....





I have read the other posts about this issue and nothing seems to work!


As the Tech dept doesn't seem to be willing to help out a loyal Roxio user

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Yup. Is it supposed to come back?

Yes. The only other things I can think of is reinstalling Popcorn, making sure there is no Xvid codec in a Library>QuickTime folder, not having any Firewire audio or video devices connected at the time you first launch Popcorn, and doing all the usual OS maintenance/repair stuff.

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Oh, so I can't use the firewire port while I launch Popcorn?

That's not what I meant. Some Toast users have had to disconnect their Firewire video or audio capture devices to launch Toast for the first time. After the first launch it isn't a problem. I don't know if that can also happen with Popcorn but since it's easy to find out I chose to suggest it.

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Ok, nothing seems to work... I have no idea what to do... should I just return the software?

Let's start at the beginning. Did you buy Popcorn 3 on a disc or buy it as a download? Have you downloaded the latest version from the software updates page? You don't need anything other than this update because it includes the entire software package.


Double-click on the downloaded update and it mounts on the desktop, opening a window that includes a Popcorn folder. Drag that folder to your Applications folder. If a window asks if you want to replace an existing folder by that name click okay or yes. The folder will take several seconds to copy to the Applications folder.


Now open the Popcorn folder in your Applications folder and launch Popcorn. You should enter a series of windows that are the Popcorn setup assistant. When that is complete Popcorn proceeds to complete its launch.


At what point in the above process isn't this working?

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Wow, I downloaded the update, and now it works just fine... so far. Phew, thanks for the help! So, basically... if you have the older version of the program, it'll stop working?


I honestly thought I had a bad CD-Key or something. Was planning on exchanging it at the store. I used this program on another Mac, and totally fell in love with it.

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