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Cross Fading Not Good



Interesting post. I had no idea Roxio had changed the crossfade function and I too am feeling the pain.


I've had Easy CD and DVD Burning (the red box) running on my XP box for years and WOW. What a flexible, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program that was!! I was in heaven. Never did much with DVD's, but I crossfaded the h*ll out of tons of cd's to seamlessly edit out songs from live albums (or in some cases, SECTIONS of songs), and also took several live individual song performances from bands performed on different dates/locations, and stitched them together into one "concert" (a concert that never happened, but the untrained ear could never tell!). It was heaven for this music collector.


Then my system died and I got a new one with Vista, so I had to "upgrade" my Roxio (I use that term EVER so loosely here) and I got Rev B of Easy CD and DVD Burning (the Vista compatable one). And wow, does it ever suck when it comes to crossfades. Pretty much not usable. Before I knew there was a Vista version of that suite, I'd purchased Record Now Music Lab 9 and that also has lame-o fade functionality. So I've wasted my money and am pretty much not looking at Roxio anymore. My first purchase of Easy CD and DVD Burning gave all the crossfade fuctionality I could want, but now it's gone, and even in the much more expensive EMC products it sounds like they're not getting it right. Amazing.


Sorry Roxio, you have really blown this one, and it's cost you at least one customer (me).


Anybody know of any other software packages that does what Roxio USED to do?

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If you use Sound Editor, you can generate pretty well any kind of fade in/ fade out or cross fade profile you want.


I suggested that to the user yesterday, and gave a url to one of your post's on this subject from last Sept ( http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...p;hl=crossfades ).




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