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Does anyone know how to get Roxio 10 to access the online CD data base? My older version of Roxio had no problem acquiring album and track titles. This new version which I have downloaded is not identifying commercial CDs that I am loading. I have tried other programs such as Itunes and older versions of Roxio to make sure that it isn't the CDs that are the problem. The other programs identify the albums and track titles without problems. I have tried the ripping application and sound editor. I have tried clicking on the CD ID icon ( the CD with the blue circle with the letter "I") and the "Automatic Audio Disc Information Download" is checked, the "Look Up CD Titles On The Internet" is unchecked and won't check when I click on it. Am I missing something with this new version? Please help! :blink:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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