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Do Dvds Need To Be Finalized? "you Have Files To Be Written..."

Joe Tierno


Problem:"You have files to be written" appears every time I start my computer.

Here is what I did:

1. I had a non-copyrighted DVD & wanted to make a copy.

2. Using Roxio "Video Copy & Convert" software I copied it to my hard drive.

3. I removed the original and filed it away. I was able to view the video on my hard drive.

4. Next, I inserted a blank Memorex DVD-R into my DVD drive on the computer.

5. From Windows Explorer, I copied it onto the blank DVD. I didn’t use the Roxio software (too confusing). Maybe this was a mistake.

6. The copied DVD plays fine on my computer but not on either of my stand alone DVD players. Other DVDs I have dubbed from VHSs play fine, but not this one.

Question 1: Is there some finalization I should have done? I can’t find it on Roxio.

Question 2: Can I erase the files from my hard drive causing the message “You have files to be written”?

Thanks, Joe


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