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Copy Avi File Into Memory Stick



I downloaded my video using Roxio 10 capture.

I was trying to copy and paste the download AVI clips into memory stick to play in another computer.

When I tried to paste, a pop up said "Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties? The file has properties that cannot be copied to the new location". How do I resolve this problem.


A second question is if I want to transfer quality video to view in a second computer using a memory stick, which format should I choose - DVD playback, or high definition or DIvX?



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Try copying the file without its "properties" and see if it does what you want when you get it to the other computer.


You are speaking of a little USB2 pendrive or thumbdrive, aren't you? The format you use depends on how you want to play it on the other computer, how big the video is, and how much room you have on the USB drive you're using to transfer it. A whole single-layer DVD is 4.3 GB so you would need a portable drive larger than 4GB for that much video. High definition stuff could be even larger.




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