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Download Problem With Roxio Site.



I bought the T9 upgrade as a download. My internet ain't the zippiest where I live and it can require many tries to get stuff downloaded, especially from the Roxio server. It's REALLY slowww.....at least here on my end. Always has been.


Anyway, I finally got locked out with a message telling me I can't download anymore. Great, so then I bought the extended download service. No dice. Then I sent a message to customer service about it. They sent me back instructions on how to download and told me they had reset the account so I could download again. Hey, hey! Goodie, right? WRONG! I followed the instructions and still- NO DICE. I sent back another e-mail to tell them about it and am waiting to hear back.


You guys have a really bad system for downloading. I had to use bittorrent to finally get the software. It only took like an hour and it didn't crash as opposed to the Roxio servers which leveled off at 2-3 Mbps and the crashed out after an hour with only a few Meg successfully tranferred. People need to use things like Speed Download just get a decent connection with the Roxio server if you live overseas. Please change your system to be more user-friendly.

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