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Direct Cd Prompts To Enable Auto Run


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Hi, I'm using DirectCD SP8 and my PC has CD auto run turned off by a domain policy. Every time I boot my PC DirectCD asks if I want to enable auto run. How do I stop DirectCD from prompting every time?



This was moved to the ECDC 5 forum from the EMC 8 forum. More applicable.


The first question I would ask is, do you use Direct CD? Or do you write your discs using the core ECDC 5 program? If you're not using Direct CD, then simply uninstall it. Otherwise, as I recall, if you open the Direct CD screen, there is an "options" button somewhere (sorry, been awhile since I used Direct CD) and you can disable the option to auto-format a blank disc, which I think will stop it from asking you to enable auto-run.


As an aside, most of the folks here that have done CD writing for awhile consider packet writing (Direct CD does packet writing) an unreliable method of writing to discs, and only consider it good for moving files from one machine to another, and definitely not for regular or long-term storage. The typical catch phrase is: "Never trust your only copy of a file to a packet written disc."


Hope that helps!

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