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How To Convert Video Files. Where's Audio Tagging At?



Ok, i've never used a toast product before. and i just recently (12 days ago) switched to mac after being a long time PC user.


I can't seem to figure out how to convert my video files from something like avi to mv4 for instance. I looked in the user guide and it says go to the left side of toast and click convert... yadda yadda.. well when i open up toast i'm just not seeing the convert option anywhere?


Also how do i use the audio finger printing recognition to tag my media? can't find this feature either. Someone PLEASE help. i feel like i wasted 80 bucks

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Just beneath where you see Toast 9 in the upper left corner of the window there are five icons. From left to right they represent Data, Audio, Video, Copy and Convert. Click the Convert icon. Now choose Video files. Add your videos by either dragging and dropping, clicking the Add button or using the Media Browser. Since you are converting some AVIs I suggest you also go to www.perian.org and download the appropriate Perian codec for QuickTime to assure all your converted videos retain their audio.


The audio fingerprinting is part of CD Spin Doctor which is a separate application. I haven't used it yet but it works after you digitize or import and AIFF audio file. There's a too-brief description Here and a screenshot you can zoom. You'll know as much as I do after seeing that.

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