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Next Stage In Making Interesting And Professional Videos




I am still a newbie and have been using EMC10 for a couple of months to create homemade videos. Everything is good and I really like the software.


I am now looking for the next stage, to make my videos more interesting and professional looking.

I found a small clip, please take a look at it.




Here are the things that I want to do (similar to the clip)

1. (first 19secs) See how at the begining it starts with captions like when you watch a movie, it starts with the words "displays PRESENTS, Video Studio logo…etc


2. (20secs-29secs) have some kind of background with the person (similar as in the clip i.e. The girl is shown and background is moving)


3. (30secs-39secs) The book is displayed, and it opens and the movie starts.


I am not trying to find the exact stuff from the clip, but am looking for similar ideas and more (maybe something new I haven't seen).

I looked into EMC10 and couldn't find stuff like that.


I need your help,


Where can I download or purchase these kinds of effects that can be added to my videos..


I appreciate your help,

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www.digitaljuice.com has some great stuff that work fine with EMC. The only stuff that doesn't work is the alpha channel overlays, but that's a bug in Videowave. I haven't found ANY alpha channel file that work in Videowave.


Some of the stuff at Digital juice can be pricy, but they also have great sales, too. Some packages are as low as $9.99 US right now (clearance).


There is also Digital Hotcakes, Ignite Motion, Motion Loops. I'm sure there is a ton more.

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