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Vocal Eq Mixing



Does anyone have experience or suggestions on particular settings to use to enhance vocals using the equalizer feature in Sound Editor? I have recorded my singing voice and although it sounds acceptable I would like to enchance somewhat. I tried the preset for voice in the EQ but it was WAY too muddy. I have been experimenting with different settings and as you can imagine, this can go on for hours, days, weeks !! Boost a little here, decrease a little there, etc. etc. etc. Has anyone created a vocal using the EQ and can you share with me your exact settings? I realize your settings might not be acceptable for my situation but it probably be helpful to me to start with setitngs that were successful for someone else other than my trial and error. I might have better luck tweaking your successful mix than tweaking my mix from scratch.


Can any of you gurus give me a short course on using the EMC 7.5 EQ? I have researched the internet and found much info and have a basic understanding but it is difficult to apply these techniques to the particular EQ feature that is provided with EMC.


Thanks for any and all suggestions.



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