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Slow Multiplexing In Toast 9



I have recently installed Toast 9 (because of issues with Toast 7.1.3 in Leopard). When multiplexing/burning an EyeTV file with Toast 9 some of the files, which are really no different than any others, are very, very slow to multiplex. Not all of them are this way however.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Any thoughts or suggestions?



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Thanks tsantee, I will try that on one of the slow ones and see what happens.


It is not consistent though. Some are slow and some are not. I have not been able to figure out why this is so. I did have trouble with Toast 7.1.3 and Leopard. It would "hang" on some files sort of like this and then it would not make proper use of the two CPUs.


It would be nice if Roxio would look into this to see if there is anything in Toast 9 that needs to be changed.






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I've been experimenting with Eye TV's export to Toast option (with 7 and 8). I've found a MPEG2 file, I encoded at the highest quality, (3.2 gigs for 90 minutes) with 18 chapter markers, takes 80 minutes to multiplex and the write to disk image on my MacBook Pro (on my G5, it took a few hours :blink: :blink: )


The same video, exported to a file, then brought into Toast (so it no longer has the eye tv chapters, and instead gets Toast's default 5 minute chapters) multiplexed and wrote in about 5-10 minutes--the standard time I'd expect (only tested on the MBP).



Another EyeTV video, only 30 minutes long, regular quality, and with only 6 chapter markings, has no noticible difference done in either of the two methods.



I don't know if this is an issue because of the quality, the # of markers, or the length, and whether the issue is on the eye tv or toast side, but it's a few additional data bits for you

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