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Emc 10 - All Works Except The Danged Media Manager



I'm running XP Pro with SP2 and all the updates. After reading some of the forum notes, I even went to Microsoft and got the DirectX 9.c, hoping it would solve the problem. If it had, I'd tell you so. But no...wish it were so easy.


It seems I am only having the problem with the media manager not only in EMC 10, but even that version which comes with Blackberry Desktop Manager.


You see, my new Blackberry 8830 COMES with a stripped down version of Roxio Media Manager, which I installed, but it is telling me my certificate is bad or something. So RIM thinks perhaps it is all the other Roxio software I have on here not sharing certificates. Okay, could be, so..... :blink:


I installed the same software on the IBM Notebook (also XP Pro), which has NO other Roxio stuff on it, and it opens, but then just hangs there and tells me no device is connected when it sure as heck is when you look in the Desktop Manager for the Blackberry.


I have a serious issue with the very sloppy uninstalls of Roxio Software. I'm finding files from versions way far back, 8, 9, (this computer isn't that old, it's a packed Dimension 9150).


The only hope I have is to wait for the micro SD to arrive, install it, use it as mass storage and just drag and drop the media that way. All I wanted to do is put my customized ring tones on my device, but of course Roxio won't let me. I've turned on services, and now I'm fed up from fighting with the software. Ever notice how the stuff does not come with optional removal tools? Whatever it is, an awful lot of people seem to have the pure virtual function call, and I for one would very much like to know how to be able to get the media manager to open, be it in EMC 10 or on the Blackberry Desktop. Could try it on a few more computers, but these are the two I use the most.


Any informed input on this would be greatly appreciated.



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