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Bad Behavior With Chapter Markers



I originally wrote about this in the Toast 8 forum. Just tested Toast 9, it has the same problem, so I'm putting it here. I did more investigation and think I have pinpointed the bug.


The symptom:


I export a Quicktime Reference Movie from Final Cut Express. I include Chapter markers with text titles in FCXP, and these show up properly in the QT ref movie when viewed in Quicktime. They also are interpreted properly when I import the QTRM into iDVD.


I do not place a Chapter marker at the beginning of the exported sequence, because FCXP specifically states in its manual not to put a Chapter marker at the beginning. In their nomenclature, Chapter markers are separators between sections. They have text titles, not chapter numbers. The beginning of the video is navigable by using the Title menu. This is, I believe, also the way commercial DVDs are organized.


When I import that QTRM into Toast 8 or 9, and burn it to DVD or disc image, I get the same number of chapter markers...but they're all at the wrong times. They're NOT evenly spaced, this is not a case of my choosing periodic markers instead of Automatic import of markers.


Looking at the the time placement of the markers in the Toast-burned DVD, I can deduce what is happening. Toast assumes that the first chapter marker should be placed at 0:00. Then it places all subsequent markers at points that are correct relative to the first mark. But if the first mark is not at 0:00 in my QTRM, all the chapter marks in Toast are offset to an earlier time by the amount of time between 0:00 and the location of my first chapter mark in the QTRM.


For instance: If I make a QTRM with its first chapter mark at 2:00, and then every 90 seconds after that, my QTRM would have markers at 2:00, 3:30, 5:00, 6:30, 8:00, etc.


When I import that QTRM into Toast, I instead get markers at 0:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, etc.


Toast also ignores the text titles of these markers and substitutes numbers "Chapter 1", etc.


Is there a way to get Toast to display the text names of chapter markers? And is there a way to place these markers where they are intended to go relative to the video, rather than slamming Chapter 1 to the top of the video and then dropping in subsequent ones offset from where they should be?

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Toast won't use the chapter marker text. I believe the reason Toast places a marker at the start is that it creates a scene menu based on the marker locations. If it didn't put one at the beginning then the scene menu would not include the beginning of the movie but instead would start at the first marker. When you include a scene menu pressing play on the main menu presents the scene menu. Pressing play on the first scene starts playback. So you see that without a chapter marker at the beginning the movie won't start playing at the beginning.


I sometimes use a DVD authoring application called CaptyDVD2 that lets you place chapter markers in its timeline. It needs one at the beginning for this same reason. It also lets you name the chapters in the chapter menu but it won't use any of the markers or names you already created on the video file.

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