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Help Does Not Work



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The Help has stopped working. When I click on the Help (or hit F1) for any part of EMC9, nothing happens. I have uninstalled the entire suite and reinstalled, but no luck. What other options should I try to get the Help feature working again?


Since help files act as HTML, make sure that you have not blocked pop-ups from Roxio in your browser. This was a solution to a problem in earlier versions so it may not work here. What browser are you using? I still think that you need IE 6 or later as a minimum requirement for the product to run properly.


You can also search you computer to make sure that the help files are still there. They should be in something like


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\Help.


When you get there, just try to open one to see if it will open. They are HTML files and you'll need something to read them.

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