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Sound Editor Woes


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Has anyone had any problems with sound artifacts at the beginning of corrected files?

What happens is this: after I correct a music file and save it as a new file - no matter what kind of correction (an edit out, an insertion, an effects adjustment, etc) - when I reopen the new file, there is a sound artifact "blip" at the beginning of the newly corrected file. It's only a sound but it affects the entire intro to the music and I have to edit it out and resave the file again under another name. I am not copying sections of the file.

It doesn't happen all the time and occurs with both .wav and .mp3 files. I tried closing Sound Editor after each file save but that didn't stop it either.

This began happening after I had trouble with Audio Central not working in January 2008 (see post at http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...p;#entry180837).

Is this a glitch from the reinstall or some other problem? I've been using EZ CD 4 or EZ CD 6 for years and never had this problem. Thanks.

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