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Out Of Focus Jpegs



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I made my first DVD slideshow and the pictures, jpegs, show as being out of focus. Is there a certain resolution or size that I should use? They are large high quality files.




Roxio would have nothing to do with the focus BUT when you make a slide show, you are making a movie at normal definition 720 by 480. It will look softer than the originals. All consumer video editing/slide show applications do this. Unless you have a blu-ray burner and player, you cannot improve on it.


You can make a picture disc that some players will handle. Check your owners manual.


A couple more things to try are 1) Update the drivers for your video card. 2) In Video Wave (or My DVD) go to the top menu and select tools, then options and put a dot near software rendering. You lose the 3D transitions but the software rendering seems to work better for some people who do not have high tech video cards.

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