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Svcd Problems


I have recorded a few tv-series with my dreambox sat reciever (.mpg files)

If I drag these files to toast 9 (793mb) I get an error not enouch space to perform operation. (in fact even with a 500Mb file I get this error)


(SVCD is mode2 XA - on a 80min CD-r you can write 800Mb max.)


With toast 8 it is no problem :files are encoded and burned to my CD.


Same file fails to work with toast 9 - however if I click 'save as disc image toast 9 creates an image with no errors.

I can write this image with the option copy image file to my CD.

Is it a problem with my setup or are there more toast9 users with the same problems ??


(excuse my poor english - it is not my native language) :)



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You may have found a bug in Toast 9 that causes the SVCD setting to miscalculate finished file size or available space when clicking the burn button. In the Toast Help menu there is Provide Feedback item. Use it to report this issue and tell them the specs of the MPEG 2 file you are using (not just its size).

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