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Dvdit Pro Hd & Edvd



Has anyone been using eDVD with DVDit pro HD without any problems? Only just found out that it's been discontinued. Also I'm swopping over from Sonic's ReelDVD to DVDit Pro HD been having a few problems, but my main concern is the fact eDVD does not reconise menus created in DVDit Pro HD. Titles are fine it just menus.


Greatful for any help



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That is eDVD. menus are all in the same domain, so you can't accurately recognize them with the software. eDVD is by and large dead. if you are in a controlled atmosphere without IE7, Flash 9 or Vista, it will work just fine, but that's not realistic for mass distribution of discs.

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I guess I'm a bit stuck.. eDVD use to be my bread & butter. I make action sport films and I used eDVD to create interactive DVD product catalogues that linked to their buy now or special offers pages, companies loved and it was a great way of getting sponsorship money to make my films. Anyway over a year ago I was involved in an acident whilst film (hit from behind) and had to air lifted from the location, etc. Taken be over a year to fix myself and getting back to my job. That why I'm a bit out of date with whats happening in the world, so I've got a bit of catching up to do.


I quess eDVD is passed it use by date. Is there any other way that anyone knows of to link to webpages that works with DVDit Pro HD - What are the big boys using to do interactive features on Bluray or is that a whole new ball game?


Cheers Mark

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