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Wonder About The Speed Of Your Internet Connection?


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A news/documentary program did a show a while ago about internet providers and the true speeds people get.

Everyone knows the spiel about speeds "up to" so and so and how you rarely get what's promised.

I don't know if anyone's ever posted this link before, but it's pretty good at showing you your speed to servers all over the world...at that particular moment in time of course.

My best tonight....18704kbps down and 605 up.


I sure wish ISPs would increase uploading. I upload tons of photos to my printer and would love to see them go out at 18704!



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Lately I've begun to seriously doubt the speeds some of these tests are showing. I'm paying for 'up to 9 mbps / 12 mbps with PowerBoost™ down / 512 up • Value, security & speed'. I've tested using Cox's speed test which is the one I don't trust anymore.

I have the 'Preferred' service. The 'Premier' service boasts "Up to 15 mbps / 20 mbps with PowerBoost™ down / 1.5 up • Super fast speeds". By the looks of the test by Cox, I'm getting more than I'm paying for.



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I use speedtest.net - it seems pretty solid.


My ISP bumped my download speed up to about 4.5 mbps today. Download speed is still 128k. I'm waiting to see if the increase was intentional. :)



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When I tested speedtest.net it showed almost the same downlaod speed as my Verizon speed test shows, but speedtest.net shows only about 1/2 the speed that Verizon showed.


Verizon shows about 1570 download and 570 upload

Speedtest.net shows 1560 download but only 360 upload.


Verizon has just recently placed all the ducting in my area for their "FIOS" connection and I have just been advised by Verizon that if I want their new Fibre Optics service it is available now. They told me that the slowest speed (download) would be 5MB/s but I could get up to 20MB/s if I wanted to pay more. I'm still waiting <_<



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The good thing about Speedtest.net is it shows realtime actual speeds to the server(s) you select, rather than just the speed from your place to Verizon. It's interesting to see how speeds between different destinations change according to the time of day and how many people are using the 'net.



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