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I lived through this shut off issue as well as many other. I am not running the software now and looking to put it back on if I can sort out what the issues are.


I was running Windows XP and EMC 10 and was enjoying the features of the product. My computer is new hardware and had more personality than I wanted. I waited for nVidia SLI support in Vista and once that was available, I did a clean install of Vista x 64. My computer is behaving very well and was happy until I put EMC 10 back on it. I was dealing with all kinds of certificate issues. Research showed my that I needed to deinstall and reinstall to get past this. I may have had some program remnents on one of my data drives.


I did an uninstall and reinstall and the certificate errors went away. Those errors were replaced by my computer shutting down any time I used any part of the program :angry: . My computer was not crashing, it was shutting down. Open the video converter and within a short time, shutting down. Reboot, try the EMC 10 core program, shutting down...


I read some more and see that I did not clear the program out completely last time. I uninstalled and the used the Windows installer cleanup utility to clear things out. Read further and find a note that said installing on a RAID 0 drive was a bad idea. I then installed on my data drive and was able to use the program once totally yesterday. Today I am prompted to load decoders any time I go to watch a video and the playback then ends up with no sound in Crystal or as choppy video in Windows Media Player. Any non video function asks for different software. The Main program asks for the core software to be installed and then has to be rebooted. Launch the software again and have to install the same stuff again :blink: . I have once again removed it completely, chased down and deleted any associated common files and am at a standstill. Does this program even run on Vista Ultimate x64? Has anyone been able to install and use it? Do I need to look for another package from someone else to get the functionality I used to have :unsure: ?


I am not running Accrois Backup Software.

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