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Data Fork, -39 ?



I've been attempting to burn a Blu Ray ever since I downloaded Toast 9


It gets about 40% complete when OSX gives me an error message

"The file 00001.m2ts could not be accessed (Data fork, -39)"

I click ok, then


"Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -39"

Anyone have a fix?


Im using an LG GGW-H20L running toast on a MAC Pro (desktop) with leopard


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I have the exact same problem on the lacie burner with a macbook.


I had the same problem. It seems like the clip I was using was the issue. The same thing happened making a disk image. I did some burning on a G5 without problems. The only other possibility is an issue with the MacBook Pro and the intel processor.

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Dear Roxio Tech-Team,


I think I may have some clues if you're working on this, although the situation is very confusing.


Clue: I'm pretty sure that this bug was already in Toast 8.


I was using Toast 7 (till today) to burn lots of MPEG-1 files on a DVD without re-encoding. YES, I am aware that this is probably non-standart, but:

1) Toast 7 always did it

2) All of my consumer DVD Players happily play it

3) It is fast and disk/space saving


However, Toast 8 started to show weird problems. Up until 8.0.3 Toast 8 frequently started to freeze during the "burn" or "save to disk" phase. Multiplexing did work (and finish), but burn/save went to some percentage and then it stuck. Sometimes I could stop it with the button, sometimes I needed to force-quit.


Then 8.0.4 came out, and suddenly - instead of the freeze - I got this "Error -39" that now seems to show under Toast 9. That was *before* I got Toast 9.


Now I have Toast 9, and it is different again: Toast 9 multiplexes up to some point, then suddenly progress snaps back to 0%, it multiplexes *again* and then starts to re-encode some file(s).


And now the very odd thing: If I try Toast 8 *now*, it does the same - instead of "Error -39" the multiplexing snaps back to 0%, re-starts, and then some file(s) get re-encoded. So I guess that the Toast 9 install (i.e. the first lanch) installed some system stuff that is used by Toast 8 as well - hence the change of symptoms.


HOWEVER: Toast 7 still works fine - no freeze, no error, no re-encoding, no playback problems on any device.


So - dear Roxio - if this is (obviously) perfectly possible, *please* try to just bring it back. Can't you just dig out the old Toast 7 code and add it to Toast 9 as an option? If it is non-standart, then place a warning box for the user and then just-go-ahead !!!

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We are starting to notice that error cropping up when working with some files from EyeTV. We are aware of what the issues are and we are working on a solution.


Good to know you are working on it. I have done two files. The one that worked was a high def eye TV file that was about 28 minutes long. The one that gives me the error is an export from iMovie of a file that was originally imported from a Sony HG10 high definition camcorder. The coding seems to work fine. I get the error when Toast is trying to burn the disk. I actually end up with a DVD mounted on my desktop but incomplete.

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