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Slow Crunch



My Crunching operation (to iPod Standard format) takes quite awhile -- at least three times the length of the video (e.g., a 1-1/2 hour movie takes almost 5 hourch to "crunch"). Assuming it is a hardware problem that has nothing to do with Crunch -- a safe assumption, I think, since my computer is almost 5 years old -- I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions how to speed up the process a bit* without changing or adding hardware. For example, does additional hard drive space significantly increase conversion speed? Does source/target file location matter at all? Are there any formats other than iPod Standard that convert faster yet still work well on iPods?


* I believe PC world indicated that a feature-length would only take about 1 to 2 hours to convert.

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Three things that speed up the process are RAM, CPU and a hardware encoder. ElGato makes the Turbo 264 hardware encoder for Mac users and I don't know if something similar is available for PC users. The Turbo 264 can speed up the process to near real time.

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