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Burn Failure

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If it came with your computer, it would be an OEM Version [Original Equipment Mfgr], and the responsibility would be with the OEM that provided it ... altho in this case, it is likely that it is so old they will decline.


You've given no detail - sort of like "the car won't start" could be due to no fuel, no key in the ignition, bad sparkplug, etc - so it's rather hard to guess.


Some options include fragmented Hard Drive (have you run the defrag recently?), failing burner, failing RW media if RW media is being used, and the hazards of all Packet Writing (including DirectCD, Drag2Disc, Nero's InCD, Sonic's DLA, etc) which make it a hazardous choice for long-term archiving.


Since you have WinXP, I'd suggest trying the built-in WinXP burning ability. If that works, then it's not the burner, and you don't need DirectCD anyway.



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