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Popcorn, Tivo Files, Dvd Players



I am fairly new to converting my TiVo recordings to other formats, but what I want is to be able to edit out unwanted parts of the TiVo video and then burn it to DVD in the full quality that I see it on my TiVo. I thought Toast 9 was the ticket because it lets you edit the video. However, I have had no good quality DVDs produced from my TiVo files with Toast 9.0.2. Toast 8.0.4 can produce better quality video, but both Toast 9 and 8 have problems syncing the audio and video.


I have found that Popcorn seems to be the best when it comes to keeping the quality of the video and syncing the sound with the video--although I did have to go into the Encoding settings and tell Popcorn to NEVER reencode. This way, instead of reencoding my TiVo files, it multiplexes them. It is way faster and the quality is great.


The one problem I have found using Popcorn this way is that on one dvd player I have, the video is showing onscreen like a broken mirror--the image is in two places. I have 2 other dvd players which play my DVDs as I would hope they would. The one with the strange video problem is my oldest DVD player but I use it all the time for other videos, so it is very odd that it is behaving so strangely with my Popcorn-converted TiVo recordings. I can't imagine what could cause this behavior and what, if anything I can do to prevent it.


I wish Roxio would get Toast 9 working so I can multiplex rather than reencode my TiVo files and have them come out in sync.


Anyone else come across a problem like this?

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A possibility with that one DVD player is it may not be able to rescale the resolution of the TiVo MPEGs properly. The NTSC video DVD standard is 720x480 and there are some other resolutions that conform with the standard which DVD players are supposed to support (there's a list of these in the What is DVD section of videohelp.com). By choosing Never Reencode you may be passing through a resolution that this particular player doesn't support.


I don't have a TiVo but my understanding was the Toast 9.0.2 update addressed some of the audio syncing issues. I've been told another update is in the works to further address problems but I don't know the specifics.

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