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Convert Cd's Not Working



I installed the Vista update for EMC9. The install seemed to go well as all programs are working, except Convert CD's. When I open Convert CD's, I get a dialog box with a message " Please wait while Windows configures the Napster Burn Engine". The message never completed. If I insert a CD to be converted, the CD is not recognized although the drive is. I tried to do a repair, but I'm being asked for a Roxio msi file.


Any suggestions other than uninstalling and reinstalling the program?



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When you did the repair did you try inserting your Roxio disc.That's where the msi file will be.

If you downloaded the file you can always take the file and extract it to a folder,say on your desktop.That way when the repair looks for the msi file all you have to do is point it at the folder on your desktop.

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